Tire repair Instructions

The repair plug bit and repair plugs are designed for Tubeless road tires with our thin “1-point” tool and 1.5mm thin plug ropes. For slightly larger holes/small cuts, 2 ropes may be inserted in the tool at once.

Keep the tool with the plugs in the supplied zip-lock bag in your tool bag. Preload 1 rope on the tool for convenience when a repair is needed. To load plugs on the tool. insert the plug through the tool eye such that it is 1/2 way through.

Repair steps:
1.    Locate the tire puncture and plug it with your finger or something else such as the 2.5mm hex bit to retain as much air as possible.
2.    Assess the hole size for applicability of the tire plug. Small holes – use 1 plug. Slightly larger holes/small cuts – use 2 plugs. Large holes/cuts may be beyond the ability of the plug tool to safely repair. In these cases use a tire boot and tube to temporarily repair the tire until home where it can be replaced.
3.    Screw the loaded tool in the long end of the L handle.
4.    Partially inflate the tire so it is firm to facilitate the plug insertion (if inflation was not maintained). Note: it is easier to insert the tool in the hole when the tire is Inflated.
5.    Insert the pointed end of the tool with the rope in the hole. Insert the plug into the hole until there is about 1/4″ (6MM) remaining outside the tire.
6.    Turn the tool a 1/3 turn and carefully remove the tool from the tire leaving the rope in place.
7.    Check that the puncture for leaks. Inflate the tire to riding pressure and check again for leaks.
8.   Trim excess plug material off close to the surface of the tire when home with a scissors or knife.