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Craig’s tool was designed for roadies by a roadie that likes to carry the tools really needed, not the kitchen sink. It’s perfect for those that demand the useful shape of the time-proven Allen key and like to keep things light weight and simple. It’s ergonomically superior L shape of the conventional Allen key is the gold standard for ease of use and functionality as compared to the typical “Jack knife” tools.

The Bits are 2-ended and are retained by a magnet in the handle socket. With the fiber reinforced nylon bit caddy clipped to the L handle, there are 4 sockets to hold 3 bits, so there is always a spare place for the bits as they are moved to the desired location. This makes for easy bit change on the road without fumbling and dropping bits. The Tool weighs 32 grams and the plug repair kit is 6 grams making it incredibly light! It weighs less than most tire repair plug kits alone!

The Tool uses the highest quality materials. The handle is made from high strength aluminum and the bits are made from 440C heat treated stainless steel. The tool is compact and stored easily in the tool bag.

Tubeless Tire Repair Kit (included)

Tire repair plug installation bit     &    15 – 1.5mm tire repair plugs

The Tire Repair Plug Kit is specifically designed for roadies. The L handle provides an ideal hand fitting shape for plug installation. The repair plug bit is made of 6/4 Titanium and is specifically is designed for the thinner plugs ideal for road tires. The unique slender “1-point” design allows plugs to be installed easily and with minimal force. For repairing larger holes, two plugs can be installed in the tool at once. The plug tool bit is to be stored separately with the tire plugs in a zip-lock bag and is to be kept with your other stored on-bike items. Tire plugs can be pre-installed on the plug tool for convenience and ready for use on the road. For tire repair, the bit with a plug installed, is screwed into the long end of the L handle. 

Craig has designed and built products for bikes for more than 3 decades. He is the founder of eecycleworks. For more about him and his work go to https://eecycleworks.com and/or

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